Course of Action is an online resource for those who want to live a healthier life. Our mission is to help you overcome your past, present, and future. Although we will work with addicts, we have found over the years that we are more effective by working directly with people who find themselves in the wake of an addict. For more information on our services go to our Coaching page or click here.

Our Founder

Kevin Hyland and his wife Catherine currently live at the door step of the Hill Country just outside the city limits of San Antonio, Texas.  They have seven children, fifteen grandchildren, and a very spoiled Chihuahua they call Tater Tot.

For the past 18 years Kevin has been a Project Manager at a large construction company. His present life is a far cry from the darkness he was in for many years.  In the past Kevin was addicted to drugs and involved in crimes such as robbery, drug dealing, and theft.  At times he was either homeless or in prison. 

Kevin learned many life lessons along the way and eventually kicked the drug habit and went on to lead a very successful life.  He has worked on many community outreach programs and has been involved in many non-profit efforts to include raising awareness of the homeless through The Mercy Coalition, raising money, food, and supplies for disaster-stricken areas such as Moore, Oklahoma after a massive tornado in 2013 and Rockport, Texas after Hurricane Harvey in 2017. 

The majority of his time though has been focused on helping men and women who have been incarcerated.  Kevin has been a volunteer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and Prison Fellowship since 2010 teaching on a weekly basis within the prisons in South Texas.  Through Prison Fellowship and The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) Kevin and his wife also facilitated a three-year course at the Briscoe Unit in Dilley, Texas. 

Kevin has a wealth of information and experience that he will share with you in a clear and usable way, information that will make your life better.

“Your actions and course today determine your destination tomorrow.”

If you are interested in having Kevin speak to your organization on his life and how he overcame addiction, homelessness, and incarceration please contact us.