Not a day goes by where a mother, father, wife, husband, co-worker, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend asks themselves “Why, how, when did I become center stage of someone’s addiction?”

Where did I go WRONG?

Is this MY FAULT?

What can I EXPECT?

Can I even HELP?

What do I do NEXT?

Will I HURT or HELP?

At Course of Action we offer answers to questions. We can help educate you and shed light on what to expect. We can offer guidance on what is available and where to find it for yourself and the addict. Course of Action has team members who have walked in your shoes, who have fought the battles you are facing where your whole life is in the wake of a person or persons who are currently active in some type of addiction. We have been on both sides – the addict and the mom, dad, friend, partner, employer of the active addict. We want to listen, we want to encourage, we want to help and we want to let you know you are not alone. There is no cost or rules. Please text or email us today as time matters.

“I know my son is using something. He has mood swings, he doesn’t work, he disappears for days on end, he sleeps for days and has lost so much weight. What can I do to help him?” – Mother

“My husband used for many years and is now clean, but I have so much trouble trusting him. Does this get better and what can I do to help with my uncertainty?” – Wife

“My daughter is only 13 and we have found marijuana in her room on different occasions. Is this something I need to worry about or is this just a phase?” – Parent

“I know my co-worker is stealing to fund their addiction and I look the other way, but I feel that I too can get in trouble over this. How do I go about dealing with not only my co-worker, but also my employer?” – Co-Worker

“I have been to in-house recovery and many outpatient type of recovery programs, but I still find myself relapsing and active in my addiction. Where do I turn?” – Addict

These and many more questions have been asked. You too may have some questions. While there is no exact route to follow, there are many things we all can do to help, to protect, to understand, and to better the chance for an addict to move toward sobriety.

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